21 December, 2010

Blessed Yule to One and All

Blessed Yule to all of my readers and their families. May the light of the full moon shine upon you and bring you the forgiveness and love of the season. 

I shared my family's two Yule trees with you at the end of November but I have not shared my favorite decoration in the house.  My Yule altar.  

Yes, it's a fireplace.  The mantel, however, acts as my altar.  As I do currently live with my parents, I have to tolerate their gas fireplace.  My new house has a wood-burning fireplace.  I won't be able to perform my ritual until my parents fall asleep.  Despite being "out of the broom closet" with my mother, my father isn't too keen on my partaking in the craft.  It will be brief and quiet and will most likely end outside under the light of the full moon.  I hope to get some great pictures to post on the blog either tonight or tomorrow.

I've always felt that the winter months brought a time of deep reflection and forgiveness, especially since most of our time is spent indoors, sheltered from the cold.  The fireplace/altar in my parent's home is a place where my family gathers together.  It is a place where we can sit and read or watch television together.  We may not utter a word to one another, but our physical being of sitting together brings us closer.  It's especially a place that I can feel some closeness with my father as he and I, although both very alike, constantly butt heads.  We're both very stubborn individuals and we are both strong in our beliefs.  Neither of us can agree to disagree.  However, in front of the fire, we can be at peace. 

 I hope wherever your place of comfort is in your home, you can find some peace, forgiveness, and relaxation.   Enjoy the light of the full moon and embrace this rare occasion.  Use her light to wash yourself of the negative energy in your life.  I know I need to.

Blessed Yule.  Blessed Solstice.  Blessed be.

20 December, 2010

Meowy Yule

He looks so pleased with his Mommy for doing this to him.  Say, "Merry Yule," Frankie! MEOW! (help me!)

19 December, 2010

Yule is almost here . . .

So, I've been a slacker with the blog.  Again.  Who knew buying a house would take away all my time?  I've been trying to put together so ideas before Yule on Tuesday.  I've been ripping apart the house for my favorite Winter desert: Red Velvet cake.  Guess what?  I own 20+ cookbooks and not one of them has a recipe for Red Velvet Cake in it!  The one I used to use was from a Southern Living December issue a couple of years ago (my mother keeps them all).  Now, it's missing in action.  I think the fae took it.  They always do this!

The picture is from another issue of Southern Living, but it isn't the same recipe.  This one is much too dense.  If only I could find it!
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