07 January, 2011


I think I'm too critical.  I sit around the English Office table listening to my co-workers' conversations and I have nothing to say.  It's because I'm too busy thinking how self absorbed these people are.  Maybe it's because they don't want to bring their opinions on social matters into the workplace, but these people have nothing better to talk about than shopping, shitty television shows and the "oh, so wonderful nonsense their kids did."  I don't get it.

Then, if a social/political topic comes up, they have the most asinine opinions of it.  For instance, someone brought up "going green" the other day.  I was elated.  Finally, something I could actually talk about rather than sit and eat my lunch in silence and have them look at me as if I were a mongloid.  I mentioned that Sean and I will be growing our own garden and using our own compost for it.  They looked at me as if I had 9,000 heads.  Compost?  Ew.  That's nasty.  They were also dismissive of organic products, especially organic cleaning.  I brought up the effects of things like bleach on the environment and people and they still thought I was a loon.

It's people like this that are killing our planet and keep me up at night.  I'm the looney tooney hippie of the English Department.  Sue me for wanted to not harm the planet I live on by growing my veggies, create less waste by having a compost pile (in a compost container so it doesn't stick too!), and making my own cleaning products.  Wow.  I must be a moron.
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