To explain my form of Paganism or witchcraft, it is best for me to use the words of the author who inspired me to follow this path.

Green Witchcraft, as defined by Ann Moura, is

based upon the foundational aspect of the Old Religion, grounded in Nature, approaching the Craft through the Elementals, the Other People, and the Goddess and the God, using herbs, natural objects, and Earth energy in spell crafting.  The Divine is seen as the Lady and the Lord of the Wildwood, primarily as Earth Mother and Horned God, symbolized by the Moon and the Sun, but also in their many other natural [rather than political] aspects, seeing the Craft as both animistic and pantheistic.

In other words, Green Witchcraft is centered in Nature and uses Nature as the primary focus in the worship of the Lord and the Lady.  

- photo by Willow the Green Witch

I suppose I can categorize myself as a Green Witch, a Hedgewitch, a Kitchen Witch, or even a Cottage Witch.  I believe that the Lord and the Lady are in every thing surrounding me.  Although being part of the path (officially) is something new, these are things that I have always felt within me.  Being a part of Nature and respecting its power and beauty were things that were taught to me by both my mother and grandmother. They also just made logical sense:  I am part of Nature, she has created me and I should be a part of her.

I observe the Wheel of the Year.  I talk/pray to the Lord and the Lady daily, especially when I wake up and am laying down to sleep.  I feel their presence around me more and more as I grow in the craft and I finally feel at peace with myself since I've answered their call.

This space is where I will talk about bring the craft into the mundane portions of my life as well as things that I hold dear to my heart.   Come, join me.
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