20 July, 2011

August 30th

That is the date I meet with my OBGyn to discuss the risks of me having children should I ever decide to have them.  I've read too much online and in Medical Journals and I feel that I've just frightened myself.  I need to also make an appointment with my Hematologist to hear his considerations as well.  However, if I do hear one more comment from friend or family about reproducing, I'm just going to print this:

Thrombophilia is a condition whereby a person experiences abnormal clotting of the blood. Complications can include stroke, heart attack, deep venous thrombosis, and pulmonary embolism. For a pregnant woman, thrombophilia can result in miscarriage, preeclampsia, and eclampsia 
Then, I'll just hold up my middle finger and walk away.


Danni said...

I get those questions a lot as well, especially from my in-laws due to the fact that my sister in law has a litter of children and I have exactly 0. And no immediate plans to bump that number up. It's irritating and down right rude. It's my uterus, my health, my sanity, my time and my money that will go into the creation and care of a child so it is my decision, no one else's. I usually take the middle finger approach. It has not made me a popular daughter in law, but you can only answer with 'If and when I'm ready' only to be met with more hounding so many times.


AlphaBetsy said...

I'm just sorry hun.

Sara said...

Family can be so inconsiderate about such issues. i cant have children due to health issues either and I used to have people thrust their baby onto me but I just wouldnt hold it and walk away. Eventually they got the message. I think they forget that we come first, we choose whether or not to have children. I hope your appointment goes well. Hugs Sara

Autumn Willow said...

That is the same day I have to have more biopsies taken to make sure my HPV doesn't turn into cervical cancer. I'll be sending you good vibes.

The Cauldron Keeper said...

It is your right to feel however you want to about motherhood, just as it is your decision to embark on it or not. Pagan women don't have to be mothers. Some of us are. Some of us aren't.

While I cannot completely sympathize with your situation (as I have kids), I do understand the frustration that comes with everyone wanting to know if you are going to get pregnant. People have been bothering me all the time lately about whether or not I'll have another, while I am struggling with dealing with many things in my life, including my kids.

My witchy advise- imagine yourself wrapped in an invisible, yet reflective armor. Don't give the comments the power to affect your happiness.

Velody said...

Pregnancy is something very personal and yet it's also a time where everyone around often wants to be involved, many times in ways that aren't desired, needed or encouraged by those actually involved.

Good luck though and I hope that Drs. can help you with all the information you need.

Meadow said...

Hi Willow (and all). I'm visiting your blog again after many months and am sorry to see you are having a tough time. For all I know you're pregnant by now!
To be brief: Factor V also runs in my family and we are huge. Lots of healthy pregnancies!
If you don't wish to have children, be strong. What literally shut up some of my critics was explaining that it took strength and self awareness to make the decision not to have children. There's also a big wide world out there that needs to be taken care of.
Please keep us posted. All the best.

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