29 July, 2010

Come Walk in the Woods with Me!

On Tuesday I went for a hike with my close friend Kat in the Long Island Pine Barrens.  We came out covered in ticks despite our bug spray with deet but we still had an amazing time.  It's hard to find hiking trails in the land of suburbia that aren't paved or swarming with people.  This particular trail was peaceful and we could almost block out the sounds of the passing traffic.  I took a few pictures and thought I'd share them with you.


Kat (blonde) and I by Owl Pond
 Red Caterpillars hanging out on a branch 

 The famous Flanders Duck or as we call it The Big Duck
 The hubby and I with the Big Duck


Wendy said...

How gorgeous, I wish there were woods like that around where I live. Love the pics. of you and the Big quacker ;)

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