16 July, 2010

Elements Series from The Domestic Witch

 The Domestic Witch is running a series on understanding Elemental Powers and being able to use them in your own craft.  Part of understanding the elements is knowing which element you have a natural affinity for.  Below are 25 questions she has posted to help you understand your natural affinities along with my answers.  I figured I'd post my answers here so I can easily access them as well as sharing them with my readers.
1. Which element do you feel you connect with or understand the most?
2. What are your hobbies and interests? 
Swimming, Snowboarding, Hiking, Biking, Cooking, Organization, Crafting, Knitting, Reading, Blogging, Teaching, and Pagan-y things.
3. How do you move through activities? For example, do you stay with one activity for a long period of time, restlessly go from one thing to the next, or do several things at once?
I tend to do several things at once and I tend to stay with them all for a long period of time (although blogging took a bit of a break).  I dive into things and I submerge myself in them.
4. Where are your favorite places?
Upstate NY, especially the Adirondacks and Catskills; Vermont; New Hampshire; Texas
5. What is your preferred divination method? Or do you prefer to rely on proven facts only?
Tarot.  I just started working with a pendulum. 
6. What color is your hair, eyes, and skin tone? Do you tan or burn easily? Is your skin oily, dry, or soft?
I have very dark brown hair (almost black) with red highlights, dark brown eyes and light olive skin tone.  During the summer I get pretty tan and I have soft skin.
7. What are your favorite colors?
Black, dark blues, purples and reds.
8. What is the style of your clothes?
I'm pretty eclectic.  I have some "hippie-ish" clothes, goth clothes, punk clothes,  my "teacher clothes" and then just regular t-shirts and jeans.  It depends on the situation I'm in.  I have many different interests and I must change my style of dress to the situation.  
9. Are you sensitive to hot or cold temperatures?
I hate humidity.  I love the winter and I think all my wishing is what caused all the snow this winter.  I'm ok with summer heat as long as there is no humidity.  Summer on Long Island is murder because of the humidity.  I'd rather be in the mountains during the summer.
10. Do you refuse to sit or walk barefoot on rough or uncomfortable textures such as grass or concrete?
I've had issues with sand since I was a baby.  When I was about 9 months old my parents took me to the beach and I would not leave the towel.  I wouldn't play in my sandbox.  I've been getting better as I've gotten older, but I'm not a huge fan of sand beneath my feet.
11. What interests you? Do you have talents in art, music, sports, or science?
I was an opera singer in high school.  I now sing in the car and the shower.  I was also a competitive swimmer.
12. Do you follow you heart or your head when making decisions?
My heart.  I've been learning to think more before I act though and it has benefited me greatly.  Following your heart gets you in trouble.
13. What's you favorite kind of music? Does it have heavy bass, is acoustic, or ethereal?
It really depends on my mood.  I like a lot of different kinds of music.  However, almost all of it, even the piano stuff, has heavy bass.
14. What kinds of things do you use to better your mood? Candles, a warm bath, garden, or a good book?
I love to read or relax in my pool.  I'll also go for walks or take a hot shower.  
15. Do you have any health issues or physical impairments?
 I suffer from depression and anxiety.  
16. What are your biggest fears?
17. What types of spells and rituals do you favor? 
Off the cuff.  I also enjoy doing my rituals outside whenever possible.
18. Do you collect anything or have extensive knowledge about a particular subject?
I collect old books and records.  I have an extensive knowledge of Victorian literature and Shakespeare.
19. How old are you? What stage of life are you in?
I'm 26 and I've been married for two years.  I'm not ready for children and have no plans to ever have any.
20. What are your best traits and talents? What are your worst traits and bad habits?
I'm a loyal friend, but I only keep a small group very close.  I always plan for the worst case scenario and am obsessively organized.  I analyze situations and it can be a downer - it plays into my anxiety.  I'm also very stubborn.  I'm sure there are more but I cannot think of it right now. 
21. What is your career or occupation?
I'm a high school English teacher.
22. What do you keep on your altar?
It changes by season but here is a picture of what it looks like for the most part:
24. What's your favorite season?
25. What is your Sun Sign, Moon Sign, and Ascendent?
Sun Sign: Scorpio, Moon Sign: Taurus Ascendent: Pisces


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