20 July, 2010

Tarot Tuesday

I haven't been feeling well since last night, so my post today will be short.  Today I did a 5 card spread asking about a friendship that I happen to be dancing around picking up again.  These were the cards in order:

3 of Pentacles (R); The Empress; The Sun; The Hierophant (R); Death

This person was a part of my life before I met my husband.  In fact, we used to date.  The final card, death, is my advice.  I need to break away from this person.  It's only going to lead to disaster, most likely for my marriage.  Deep down, I know that the intentions this man has for me are not really for friendship.  He wants me back and I must let him go.  The Death card does not always mean "killing" or harm.  In this set of cards, I take it to me the letting go of my past.  This man is from there and there he must stay.


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