31 August, 2010

Help End Our Dependence on Fossil Fuels

 Please sign the Solar Bill of Rights.  The entire world needs to depend more on renewable energy sources and the sun is one of our greatest resources.  Don't let big oil ruin the earth any further.  Click on the link below to sign and call your local representatives.  Petitions do a lot but you need to let Congress and the Senate here your voice too.  Please encourage your non-Pagan neighbors to do the same.  It's not just our responsibility as Pagans to do our part.  Humanity needs to do it together.

Solar Bill of Rights


Sea Witch said...

Just signed. We must love our mother. SEa Witch

Judith said...

I'm all for solar energy, and my house is perfect for it, full sun, no tree's.... and not enough money in a million years to be able to afford it!!!!!! why is it so expensive!!!!!

Willow said...

I'm hoping that within time, as more people go for it, solar energy will be much more affordable. We just have to get on the politicians' behinds an demand change in energy. There was a HUGE article in National Geographic about mainstreaming the US energy grid. The state of Texas (with their wind farms) could power the entire country if we updated our power grid to a mainstream line. It's amazing what technology we have but it's just not used. Gotta love politics.

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