05 August, 2010


I know that this vote was from last week but I never did get to post about it.  I'm proud that Anthony Weiner is from my home state of New York but I'm still ashamed that Democrats still want to play the politics game.  In the words of a close friend of mine:
If somebody without legal citizens status aided, in any way, in the first response to the 9/11 attacks at Ground Zero, then I think that they should not only receive taxpayer funded health care for illnesses directly related to being there, but they should be automatically granted citizenship. In fact, the cost of their health benefits should be taken directly from the health care packages provided to all members of Congress.
The fact that this bill couldn't pass upsets me as human being.  I lost a family member who was a first responder as did many others.  Those that survived are suffering every day with health problems due to their selfless act of heroism. Shame on you Congress.  Shame on you.

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