26 September, 2010

Wandering Around House Shopping

The hubby and I looked at 8 houses around Long Island today and both of our heads are spinning.  I'm hoping to be out of my parent's house by my birthday in November.  We saw some houses that have potential and then some that just needed a bulldozer.  Part of me feels like I'm going to be stuck with my parents forever and I'm growing more and more resentful of their meddling nature. 

Here's my main issue: I hate the town I grew up in.  I'm tolerating this place while I live with my parents and the hubby and I save for our own home.  I'm grateful that my parents are doing us this huge favor.  I know I have it real easy right now, especially since we do not have to pay any rent.  However, my parents don't understand my utter loathing of this town and my need to escape it as fast as possible.  It's caused quite a few fights in the past few days and now my father and I are not even speaking.  They've basically backed my husband and I into a corner and are pushing this, excuse my French, shithole house onto us.  It's a great deal but you need another $150K to fix it up and make it liveable.  Let's just say animals have dug through the roof and there is black mold in the upstairs.  It's awful.  But they keep repeating over and over, "It's a great deal.  It's going for $100-200K less than other houses in the town. Blah blah blah."  No matter how many times I tell them, "I hate it here and I never want to live here/raise a family here," they keep pushing.  I understand the great school district (my husband works for them).  I understand.  I get it.  It's not what I want.  It's everything I don't want

But in other news, I'm getting a lot of great feedback/comments about the giveaway!  However, I wanted everyone to know that The Fairy Apothecary is not my shop!  I wish it were but I cannot take credit for the wonderful work my friend Kristin does.  I do help her out from time to time at craft shows but all of the work is done in her Fairy Den in Upstate New York.  Also, if I could make your screens scratch and sniff I would!  All of her soaps smell amazing!  My personal favorite is Love Spell.  I've used all of her products, so feel free to ask me about any of them.  Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!


Wendy said...

I admire you Willow, for pushing ahead and not staying complacent with the uncomfortable rut people stay in...Call on Hestia to find you a cozy loving house safe for your family and in a neighborhood which brings you joy. Sending blessings your way!

Leeanna said...

Hey Willow, You wanted to know about the BOS I have pictures of on my blog... I purchased it from http://www.brahmsbookworks.com/. It's about $400 and it comes with nothing on the pages. You have to put whatever you want in it. Go check out the site it's really cool. I got the pages from a friend and put them in the book and took the pages it came with out.

The Blue Faerie said...

I am with Wendy on this one. Hestia is a definitely a good goddess to call on in this situation. In the mean time, I hope you and your husband find the home you're looking for. My husband and I are saving up for our first house. I know if we just bought one of our parent's houses, it wouldn't feel like a purchase we had really worked for.

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