07 November, 2010

Fur Baby with his Grandpa

For a man who claims to hate animals, animals sure love him!  Sorry Dad!
Frankie loves his Grandpa!  My father's face clearly expresses his feelings towards his grandson . . .


Cottage Tails said...

Cats do seem to know who do not like them & always make a bee line for that person.

Grandpa doesn't look happy.

Love Leanne

Willow said...

Frankie always seems to find a way onto his lap and my Dad barks each and every time. I find it hilarious.

Diandra said...

Ha, same with my father... he doesn't like cats and doesn't care too much about little children or dogs - yet they follow him wherever he goes and try to catch his attention. (I know for sure he has no treats in his pockets. I don't have any other explanation, though.)

(And no, he is not a grumpy old man. Only not too fond of strangers' two- and four-legged pets. ^^)

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