12 November, 2010

Witchy Library

What books do you think should be in every witches' library?  I'm looking to expand mine but because I've just bought a house, spending money is out of the question.  So, I wanted to share my "Wish List" with all of you and see what you all felt was essential for every witch to have in their library.

Willow's Wish List
The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley
The Kin of Ata Are Waiting for You by Dorothy Bryant
The Witches' God by Janet and Stewart Farrar
The Witches' Goddess by Janet and Stewart Farrar
Meaning of Witchcraft by Gerald Gardner
Real Magic by P.E.I. Bonewits
The Spiral Dance by Starhawk
Ancient Ways: Reclaiming Pagan Traditions by Pauline Campanelli
Aradia: The Gospel of Witches. by Charles Leland (Translation by Mario and Dina Pazzaglini)
An ABC of Witchcraft Past and Present by Doreen Valiente
Cunningham's Encylopedia of Magical Herbs by Scott Cunningham
Dictionary of Ancient Deities by Patricia Turner and Charles Russell Coulter
The Grandmother of Time by Z. Budapest
Wheel of the Year by Pauline Campanelli
The White Goddess by Robert Graves

I know there are a few books on here that I really should own by now.  I just haven't gotten around to buying them as I've been busy reading some of the more obscure authors out there as well as the blogs of my fellow readers.  This list comes from a book called Dedicant: A Witch's Circle of Fire by Thuri Calafia.  I'm a little beyond the material covered in the book but its interesting to look at a beginners book that takes a different persepective on the path.  I'm enjoying the read but I wanted to here from others out there.  So, what do you think of this list?  What should I already have/must have on my shelf?  Have you read any of these books?  What did you think of the ones you've read?


Faerie Sage said...

As a herbal enthusiast Cunninghams herbal encyclopedia is amazing. The spiral dance I found harder to get through, I had to do a lot of slogging to make it thought that one, though I am glad I did and I see the value in the book. I really enjoy Cunninghams stuff personally.

Renee of the Fae said...

Check Craigslist. Seriously! I just bought five books for my library last year through there. Someone was downsizing her library, and I got some(The Spiral Dance and Spell Crafts, among others) for a dollar or two a piece! Do a simple search! You'll be glad you did. *~_^*

Leathra said...

One of my essential books is "Earth Power" by Scott Cunningham. The second, "Earth, Air, Fire, Water" is simply an expansion upon the first.

Those are mine, at least. And most Ellen Dugan books are pretty good too.

Diandra said...

Wait, do you actually like Z. Budapest???

I read one of her books a few years back and got very upset because of her - uhm, strong opinions. Handed the book on to a few witches I know (men and women), and all of them were upset with it, too. Now I know there are people out there who really like and seem to learn from her, but it's an author I wouldn't recommend... *blergh*

(Just my 2 cents.)

Willow said...

@Diandra: I've never actually read any of her books. My husband just bought me a Nook for an early birthday gift and I was hoping to get it through the library as an eBook to preview her. The only reason she's on this list as because she's listed on the "course work" guide in the book I'm reading along with all of the other books on this list. I have a lot in my library to begin with, but they're mostly on Green Witchcraft. I wanted to read a little more not only to expand my knowledge but to be a little more well rounded in the craft. However, since you've expressed such a strong dislike, I may avoid this one.

Autumn said...

I've found that Konstantinos is one of my favorite Pagan Authors. Noctural Witchcraft, Gothic Grimoire and Nocturnicon are great reads and give a great perspective on using the night to enhance someone's spell casting. I fanything else, they're gret reads.

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

This post is interesting, for reading suggestions. I'm not a follower of any religion, but would like to learn more about your Path. But have no idea, what books to read. Thank you.

Gentle hugs...

The Blue Faerie said...

I'm a HUGE fan of public radio, so I've got to put in my two cents for Margot Adler's "Drawing Down the Moon". Her book is hugely important for her sociological study of the Pagan community from the 1960's through the 70's. It also has a very good chapter on the origins of Wicca, how it has evolved, and writings that influenced that evolution. I especially loved the chapter of surveys she conducted where she includes a bit on the percentages of Pagans in different careers and education levels. Definitely worth having on the shelf. :)

I've been meaning to pick up a Z. Budapest book myself. I keep hearing about her and I think that, controversial opinions or not, it's important to see many different perspectives (Example: I've read Gardner's book, Witchcraft Today, even though I think he's insane.):P

Diandra said...

@Willow: Definitely give her a try, she seems to be more than okay for many people. But maybe borrow her books before buying them, they might end up as expensive fire-starters... *g*

(The thing that got me very, VERY angry at her was her constant attempt to make the reader believe that men are not only evil creatures, but "second choice" when it comes to magic, and that only gay submissive guys stand any chance at being in contact with the goddess. I understand that some women do not like or even hate men, but it shouldn't be part of a lecture. I hate Brussel sprouts, have you ever seen me preach against them?)

IvyandtheGreenEyedCat said...

I'm sure everyone has given wonderful ideas where to find cheap books but the local library is a wonderful place to get books in good condition and cheap cheap! This is where I got my copy of Mists of Avalon (YOU MUST READ!) for $2 bucks!!

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