28 November, 2010

Second Yule Tree

This one is my favorite, mainly because of the 5-pointed star on top.  It will most likely follow me to my new house and I'll be purchasing a pre-lit one for my mom to replace this one.  The fake tree branches cut apart my mother's hands so a pre-lit one will help prevent some of the pain.  I'll probably come over and help her spread the branches so all she'll have to do is decorate it.

Normally we have three trees in my parent's house but this year we'll be sticking with two.  Basically no one wanted to go fish the third out of the storage container.  Oh well!

Yule is coming!  I can't wait!  Now if only it would snow . . .


Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Lovely tree. And so sweet that you'll help your mom with a new one you get for her.

Just finally went back, and read your first post, and linked ones. [Finally. I'm slow.]

I was tied to the Catholic church, for more than 60 years. Then I finally gave myself permission to question. And since, it's been a long time of reading/pondering, coming to where I'm at now. But I'm so relieved, to be here!

Thank you for sharing your story, and for reading suggestions.

Gentle winter hugs...

The Blue Faerie said...

Three Yule trees!? Woah! I remember my mom decorating the ONE Christmas tree we had. If she had to string lights on more than that I think my dad, brother & I would stay in a hotel until the process was finished. Then again, my mom will do things like decide that the 400+ lights she's using need to have a different color every 3rd white light, and will spend the next 5 hours taking out and putting in individual lights. Art major. :P

BTW, Green Witch, I would love to hear any Yule traditions you have. I'm trying to start some myself so I'm collecting ideas from people.

Oh, and the trees look beautiful! :P

The Blue Faerie said...

P.S. I'm hosting a giveaway over at da blog. Come on over and visit sometime! :)

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