07 November, 2010

This little witch needs a house!

So, today may be the day I finally get my own little house.  I will continue to dream that it looks like Sally Owen's home from Practical Magic but finding a beautiful Victorian like that here on Long Island requires a lot more cash than this little witchy teacher will ever come by.

We made our first offer at 5:30PM yesterday and our 2nd just a few moments ago.  The hubby is off at the Italian Grocery getting meats for my mom and I'm sitting here bubbling with excitement.  I'm not sure if I should light candles, keep praying to the Goddess and the God or both or just let things ride on their natural flows.  I think the part that excites me most, is that once all of the concrete is ripped up from the backyard, I'll have room for a garden! 

Keep me in your thoughts readers and send some good wishes my way! 


im zoe said...

fingers crossed :)

Leathra said...

Sending well wishes and hopeful energy your way! And I have all my fingers crossed!!

Faerie Sage said...

Good vibes, good wishes, good luck and all my prayrs! I'm so happy youll have a garden!

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