28 February, 2010

Quickening Moon Meeting

The Gods always know.  I was driving to the Full Moon Circle meeting just a little while ago.  I reached into my purse to grab my wallet and make sure I had enough money for the altar supply donation.  My wallet was missing.  I looked at my phone and sure enough, there was a message from my friend whose house I was at last night telling me she had my wallet.  I guess the Gods knew today was not a good idea and knew how to keep me home.

I should learn to trust my nerves more often.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if it really was a sign? If you are nervous about these people, I wouldn't mind going with you. I am actually curious myself! I don't know if I would give up on it all together though- have you noticed any other "bad omens?"

Willow said...

When I went to initially leave, I couldn't find the meet and greet stuff I intended to bring (wine and a wine opener). I found the wine but the bottle opener was no where. I could of just been nerves, but the items missing meant something I think.

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