28 February, 2010

Quickening Moon Ritual

View of the Quickening Moon from Between the Trees at my Home

The Quickening Moon

The Quickening Moon is also known as the Snow Moon or the Bone Moon to the Cherokee.  It is considered the last moon of winter and is when the "quickening" can be felt in the pregnant animals whose babies are due in springtime.  It is a time when the Earth herself is reminding us that she is still alive underneath all of that snow.

Full Moons are sometimes a time for magic or for reflection.  For this Quickening Moon, I will be reflecting on my own mistakes and on how I'd like to improve myself.  Even though Imbolc has past, I still feel that its intentions are still in the air on this last night of February.  Imbolc is about cleansing the soul and meditating under the Quickening Moon is an excellent way to do that.  So, if you can find a window where the Moon can gaze down upon you or if you are brave enough to withstand the elements, light a candle (I always use white) and think about what you want to improve about yourself or in your life.  Concentrate on what you must do to make these changes possible.  You can even say this chant to yourself: 

I rejoice in the light of the moon
and in the presence of the Lord and the Lady.
I celebrate the season of darkness,
knowing that the next turn of the Wheel will bring light.
I use this time of darkness for thought,
introspection, and growth.
As the moon above, so the earth below.*

After this you may wish to go into a formal ceremony or have a meal with loved ones and share in the warmth that they bring to the home.  This can be a reminder of the warmer weather that is on the way.  Decorate the table with signs of spring or just have a simple bouquet of spring flowers as your centerpiece (they can be real or silk).  Remember to give thanks (verbally or internally) for those who can share the meal with you and for the meal itself.


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