25 April, 2010


It's been awhile, but I've finally caught up with all of my grading.  Sometimes I really need to ask myself why I didn't become a music teacher or a gym teacher.  Reading student essays/research papers has to be the most painful part of my job.  Thank goodness June is fast approaching and I can enjoy my summer taking Graduate courses and house hunting with the hubby. 

This won't be a long post since I have to get up early tomorrow to make copies of my Grammar test (yay!) and do an early morning extra help session for the kiddies.  The hubby and I just got back from a weekend trip to Boston.  We were there for one of his college friend's wedding and it was a great time.  The best part able the entire weekend was seeing my friends Pat and Katy.  We had brunch together this morning at an awesome Jewish deli.  I broke my diet hardcore this weekend because I've been sick and I treated myself to banana stuffed french toast.  It was worth every single bite!  I cannot wait to go back and not just for more french toast!  I really miss seeing Pat and Katy and Boston is a great city.  Plus, it brings back college memories for the hubby (he's a Boston University Alumni).  He bought me an adorable BU outfit so I can be a proud BU wifey:

Now I can watch Terrier's Hockey in style!


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