05 April, 2010

Monday Mutterings: Tarot

Last week I began doing (almost) daily tarot readings for myself.  The Domestic Witch's focus for this week is on the Hearth and Home.  This means that we should bring focus into the things we truly have a strong passion for.

Tarot is something that I began doing as a teenager and recently it has come back to my life.  Reading the cards was something that always came easily to me, especially since the decks I've always used have pictoral expressions of meaning.  Up until last week, I used the Universal Waite deck, but I purchased the Robin Wood deck on Amazon.  Immediately I had a strong connection to my new deck.  I've used the Robin Wood deck (most of my friends have it) and it has interested me for a long time.  I really have no idea why I've waited so long to purchase it.  Now, even though I'm pretty good at getting the meanings from just the cards themselves, I do like to have a reference.  At the suggestion of a friend, I purchased the book Tarot: Plain and Simple by Anthony Louis.  Anyone who is interested in tarot, beginner or not, should have this book.

I did not do a full week of readings, but the ones I did do were pretty interesting.  I will share one of them with you along with the weekly draw card.

My weekly draw card was Temperance.  This card is a card of balance.  The angel's wings in this deck are yellow which denotes illumination or inspiration.  However, in other deck's the angel's wings are red, the color of passion.  The angel is able to stand with one foot in the water, which usually is some connection to either travel or change.  From this card I knew that this week would possible involve me helping my life become more balanced or that focus for the week would be creating some form of harmony in my life.

On Thursday morning,  I drew the Six of Pentacles.  This card displays a nobleman holding the scales (which are balanced) and handing out coins to others.  This is a balanced man who has gained this through his devotion to charity/the needs of others less fortunate than himself.  The pentacles suit also tends to indicate some form of financial gain for myself or someone close to me.

Every card I drew last week had something that indicated a form of balance coming into my life or the lives of loved ones.  Interestingly enough, many things occurred that followed along with this theme: 1) I found out that I will be graduating from Grad School earlier than expected; 2) My husband and I found out we will be getting much more back on our tax return this year; 3) My raise came through; 4) My first coven meeting went very well and brought a needed pagan connection into my life; 5) Several friends became engaged this week.

I'm interested to see what this week's card will say!


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