29 April, 2010

Z-Packs and Flonase

The doctor gave me two prescriptions this afternoon: Flonase and a Z-pack.  Of course, my insurance provided me with generics (whoo!).  I had a mini-panic attack about 3 hours after taking the both of them.  My chest felt tight and I spiked a low-grade fever.  I feel fine now, but it was a bit scary for me, hence the panic attack.

I also picked up a Netipot for myself at CVS.  The nastiness that came out of my nostrils when I used it was gross, but it did ease a little bit of the pressure on my face.  It honestly feels like someone is taking their hands and pushing on my cheekbones.  Either that or hundreds of tiny elves decided to sit on my cheeks and hang out for a week. Not to mention that this evil infection in my head caused me to miss the full moon!  Blast it all!


Liz said...

The Dr. just put me on that too...and I have to have a CT scan on my sinuses because the infection's lingering! Allergies are killing me this year!

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