06 April, 2010

Relaxation Spell

Last week was spring vacation for all the little kiddies and their very over-worked teachers.  I am one of those teachers who needed last week more than anything.  However, now that I'm back at work, all the stress that I left in my classroom is weighing back on my shoulders.  I fought with my former university for about an hour today.  I haven't attended there since 2006 and they were still trying to charge me for a class I never took, not permitted to take (I didn't take enough of the pre-requisites) and was dropped from by the professor.  Not only do I have my work stress, but now I have this wonderful migraine. 

All of this got me thinking about creating some relaxation and calming spells.  I've been a little lazy about working on my own spells lately and this is a perfect time for me to start putting my energies into more productive things, rather than my worries.

I've found that relaxation spells and calming spells work best when working alone rather than with a group.  I think everyone would agree that other people tend to make us more nervous and having them around may take our needed energies away from the spell at hand.  This is a very simple spell and can be used at any time.

What you need:
A Blue Candle
A White Candle
A Black Candle
An Orange Candle
Lavender Oil (optional)
  • Run a hot bath and add the lavender oil (if you're using it).  Set up the  candles near the tub (if you can).
  • Light the white candle and say: This candle represents me and me in all things.  This is the flame that I carry as I walk upon my path.
  • Light the black candle and say: These are my negative thoughts and energies.  These are the things that distract me from my path and cause me to drag my feet.  Fear, tears, and disappointment is here.  These troubles leave me now forever.
  • Light the blue candle and say: All these troubles are now past.  The light of this flame neutralizes the negativity that has surrounded me.  This candle represents the element of water.  Water, cleanse me of these worries.
  •  Finally, light the orange candle and say: This candle represents the positive energy I want to bring into my life and give me balance.  Lord and Lady, please continue to help guide me and bless me with the light this flame brings.
  • At this point, your bath should be filled.  Step in and sit quietly.  Picture that orange candle and it's energy surrounding you.  You may wish to submerge yourself in the bath water and picture the blue candle and the element water purifying you.  
  • When you are ready, say the following:   
Remember the law of three
Without it, nothing will you be
Goddess and the God come sit beside
To help rid me of these harmful thoughts inside
Free me from this stress and pain
Let me grow and love and gain
With your love, I can love me
So mote it be


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