15 April, 2010


I just wanted to apologize to everyone in blog land.  I've not been posting lately because of work related hassles.  It's the end of the marking period and I have quite a bit of grading left to do.  I'll be back posting in a few days!


Avie said...

I totally empathise! I have had so much marking to do this term. Make sure you treat yourself to something relaxing and rewarding when you finish. Blessings.

Wendy said...

My brother is an English high school teacher, so I can understand about you needing to concentrate on one spinning plate at a time. (You know those spinning plates on a stick, that can crash if you're not concentrating? ;) So take your time and I'd love to hear some stories about your teaching.

Willow said...

Thanks so much for understanding ladies.

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