02 April, 2010

Marty finds a friend

My husband and I have been living with my parents for a little over a year now with our two cats, Frankie and Marty.  My mother has two pets of her own, Belle (a Shetland Sheepdog) and Tommy (a HUGE, orange cat).  My Siamese, Frankie, does not particularly care for Tommy or Belle, but Marty loves the two of them.  Marty is also a very shy kitty, so catching a picture of him for my Friday postings has been a bit of a challenge.  However, Marty and Belle had a snuggle-fest a few days ago and I was able to snap a picture of the two of them.

I'm hoping that one day, all four of them will be sleeping together on the couch.  Knowing my Siamese, it will have to be a blue moon or some other rare cosmic occasion before that happens.


Wendy said...

Awwww! I've had Siamese before and yes they are snobs and very particular with whom they choose to share their affections with ;) My son has a cat Mowgli who thinks he's the ambassador to humans and other animals and when I had dogs would snuggle all the time with them. Out the window goes the saying, "Like cats and dogs."

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