04 May, 2010

A Fur Baby Tuesday

Well, I haven't been able to take any great pictures of the kitties until today.  It's been so rainy and all they've been doing is sleep.  So, today both of the boys went outside to play:

They sniffed some of the plants:

And then thought about sniffing some other plants:

And played near the hose:

And attempted to hide behind a bush:

And we also hid under the bench:
Such silly fur babies!


Wendy said...

Oh my gosh how cute they are. I just bought a new camera so I need to take pics of my babies. Ty for always posting the cutest pics. :)

Willow said...

Thanks Wendy! I know it's been a few Fridays without a Fur Baby post, so I thought a bunch of pictures at once would make up for me being a bit of a slacker. Plus, any pictures I'd be posting would be so similar to earlier ones. Hopefully I can get a better picture editing program so I can make them all pretty!

Domestic Witch said...

Sooo cute! What a pretty pair they are! Their colors compliment each other well.

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