16 May, 2010

The Hawthorn

On May 4th, the Celtic Tree Month of Hawthorn began.  The Hawthorn tree is the guardian between the realms and is considered a protective and purifiying tree.  The month of May is also considered a month of lust and passion, probably because of the energies of Beltane which begin the month.

For those of you who are looking for love, this spell I found may open your heart or remove obstacles in finding it this month.

You Will Need:
- Some Hawthorn Blossoms or a picture of a Hawthorn tree
- A pink or lavender candle

Light the candle and say:
Hawthorn tree of power this night,
Open my heart to love's delight,
Free my thoughts and cleanse my mind,
And help me find a true love mine.
Then, scatter the Hawthorn blossoms in the wind or burn the picture and spread the ashes.

- Original spell by Mickie Mueller


Annie's Hearth said...

I am new in the blog world. I am thrilled I have come across your blog.
I'll pop in again
Bright blessings Annie

Willow said...

Thanks so much for popping by! I hope you enjoy.

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