10 May, 2010

Monday Mutterings: New Moon

Grandmother moon is returning and as usual, I will spend the evening of the new moon meditating.  New Moons are a time to plant your seeds of intention for the Full Moon.  These are the things you want to work towards in the coming days and then, with the next New Moon, you can look are your intentions, wishes and/or hopes and re-evaluate them.  Are these your same dreams?  Have they come true?  Have they changed?  It's also good to not cross off or check off your intentions as they do come to light.  Take note of them or do a tarot reading to see if the intention is complete.

Some ideas for a New Moon ritual:
  • Start an intentions journal. At each New Moon, write down your wishes for yourself in the coming months/year(s).  As you work with your spells or with yourself, take note of which intentions come true and which ones don't.
  • Tend to your garden.  While you water your plants or give them compost or fertilizer (we put coffee grinds in with our tomatoes), think of how you'd like to grow yourself.  Picture yourself as the plant and how you'd like it to grow.
  • If you have children, you can do the first ritual in scrapbook form.  Have your children cut pictures of things that they dream for themselves.  If you're an avid scrapbooker, you may want to do this for yourself.  Sometimes having an image of the intention can help you meditate.


Renee of the Fae said...

I'm dropping by to thank you for chiming in over at the Witch Cottage, today. Thank you for sharing and supporting! And what a marvelous surprise on your blog, here! Beginning my new, sugar-free lifestyle on a New Moon without even realizing! I suppose I'm more in tune with nature and more naturally witchy than I had thought! *^_^* I love the journal idea. I've already begun a dream journal and have been keeping up with that. An intention journal is a grand thought! Thanks again!!!

Avie said...

New moon blessings to you. I have nominated you for an award on my page...


Enjoy your meditations.

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