24 May, 2010

Monday Mutterings: Daily Tarot Draw

I haven't posted my daily tarot drawing in quite a bit and I found this one a bit alarming/amusing.

Today, I pulled the Empress card.  I must preface this with the fact that I've never drawn this card before.  The Empress represents the Great Mother or Nature herself.  She is mother to all.  In the Robin Wood tarot, she is depicted as a very pregnant woman turning a spinning wheel.  The spinning wheel is often used to symbolize time or the Wheel of the Year.  On the tree behind her is a carved sign of the female.  Essentially, this is a fertility card.

Perhaps this card has nothing to do with me (I hope not!).  Since it is Mother Nature, perhaps it has to do with the change of season or the new holiday or the full moon coming.  I'm not really sure.  I just really hope she's not for me.  I have no plans for children (unless they have fur) now or ever.  I'm not really the "mommy type."  *sigh*  I'll have to do some further readings tonight.  I'm not happy about this card.  Maybe one of you has an idea?


Fae Kieran said...

Oh! Darling, I think that you would prolly be a great mother. :]

Willow said...

Oh nosh! I'm much to selfish right now to be responsible for someone else.

Anonymous said...

perhaps because it is spring and nurturing is not just a mommy trait? I believe that those who are genuinely charismatic are great nurturers. You needn't be the "mommy type" to be this kind of person.

Avie said...

Perhaps it is a sign that you will have something to nurture that will begin to grow and change. New responsibilities perhaps? More of a metaphor than literal motherhood. Whatever it represents, remember everything happens for a reason. Blessings.

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