11 March, 2010

After all the waiting . . .

spring has finally arrived.  I'm a little sad to see the snow melting, but a smile comes to my face when I spot tulips poking through the soil.

It has me thinking about my first Ostara celebration next week.  Even though I've had a Pagan/Wiccan mindset for most of my life, it will be my first ritual.  I plan on finding the nerve to meet with the coven I found on meetup, because I don't want to spend another holiday alone.  Living at home with my parents, who I have not "come out of the broom closet" to, performing a ritual the exact way that I want to is a bit difficult.  The last few holidays I celebrated with a friend or I had to wait until the house was empty to do anything.  I know that ritual isn't everything, but it does make me feel better inside.  I feel closer to the Lord and Lady when I do them, so I'm really looking forward to next Saturday.

I plan on posting different Ostara items in the next few days.  Look for different spells, meditations, and ways to bring the holiday and the gods into the mundane portions of your life.


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