21 March, 2010

And now my craft is in

the rock garden!

Plus, I love the idea that Catpriestess from eWitch gave me about making one for all of the Sabbats.  I think this will become a Sabbat tradition.  When the hubby and I finally purchase a home of our own, we plan on having a stone fire ring:
These stepping stones would be placed around the yard or near the fire ring.  Plus, I just was reading through my Ostara lessons from about.com and got another awesome idea.  Since the Ostara stepping stone has glow in the dark stars, I could use it in a Magical Moon Garden.  The ideas are just flowing this weekend!  I'm excited!


Fae Kieran said...

Haahaa! Sounds like a good idea, I love your idea of a moon garden and it is deff something I have to see about getting one for myself.

It does seem like Ideas are just flowing in this weekend. I love how the Ostara Energies just seem to spark that little ignition flames for our creativity. It shows we're very in tune with Mother Earth.

Great Job with the stone, I'll have to start taking pictures of my own garden now!

Blessed be,
Fae Kieran

Catpriestess said...

Another beautiful idea when you get your house is a moon garden. Magickal, witchy plants that are white, fragrant and only bloom in the night time. Great job w/ the Ostara Stone Circle, looks beautiful and your creative muse is definitely shining upon you : )

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