28 March, 2010

The Storm Moon and more Spring Cleaning!

I know I've been a bit of a slacker when it has come to posting this week, but now that I'm on vacation from work for a week, I'll be able to post more often and everyday. 

In spring cleaning news, I've been doing ok with my diet.  I've had a little cheating this week, but I'll be back on track starting tomorrow.  Even though my food choices haven't been the most outstanding, I'm not overeating which is good.  I still need to be better about getting to the gym.  I did go twice last week and stayed for over an hour and a half.  This week off is much needed for my trips to the gym to increase.  I'm going tomorrow morning and I'll be there Tuesday night to start.  Then we'll go from there!

Tomorrow night is also March's full moon.  Originally I was planning on joining a coven in the area, but my personal schedule and the coven's meeting distance from my own home was a bit of an issue.  So, one of my friends who helped get me to this point in my path suggested starting our own coven.  Now, she does live in upstate New York, which is considerably further away than the originally coven I was going to join.  However, she is a good friend of mine and I'm always welcome to sleep over.  Plus, I love spending time with her, so the extra driving distance is really worth it for me.

For this full moon ritual, I plan on completing my wand project that I started at her house last month.  I have some beautiful beads that I purchased that are made from natural stones.  I'll be using Tiger's Eye (for personal empowerment and as a grounding stone), Hematite (for dissolving negativity) and Red Garnet (for self confidence and sexuality - hehehe).  The changes in season allow for a lot of creative energy and the full moon is a good opportunity to concentrate the wand.  I'll post some ritual ideas for everyone tomorrow along with my Monday Mutterings. 


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