18 March, 2010

Ostara Prayers

stara Prayers

I've been getting Ostara lessons for the past few days from About.com and I felt a strong attachment to three of the prayers sent to me today.  I thought I'd share them with you for Thursday's blog.  First is a Garden Blessing, so for all of you starting gardens and planting seeds, this is something you may want to say while you plant.

The earth is cool and dark,
and far below, new life begins.
May the soil be blessed with fertility and abundance,
with rains of life-giving water,
with the heat of the sun,
with the energy of the raw earth.
May the soil be blessed
as the womb of the land becomes full and fruitful
to bring forth the garden anew.

There is also a prayer for the Goddesses of Spring that I liked.  I don't worship all of the Goddesses mentioned in this particular version, but I'm sure you can insert Goddesses that you have an attachment to.

Hail, and welcome!
Green life returns to the earth
blooming and blossoming
once more from the soil.
We welcome you,
goddesses of spring,
Eostre, Persephone, Flora, Cybele,
in the trees,
in the soil,
in the flowers,
in the rains,
and we are grateful
for your presence.


And lastly, this prayer will be helpful, especially if any of you still have snow on the ground.  This prayer is for the resurrection or waking up of the Earth.

The death sleep of winter has slowly faded,
the rigor of the ground loosens,
and the earth is once more reborn.
Like Mithras and Osiris,
reborn from death,
life returns again to the land,
springing up as the snow melts away.
As the soil warms and the days grow longer,
dew forms along new sprouts of grass,
bringing life back.
Awaken! Awaken! Awaken!
And rise!
Let the earth come to life again,
and welcome the light of spring!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Thank you and blessed be for these wonderful prayers~ and for this website! Brightest blessings!

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