31 March, 2010

Divination: Tarot

Even though I grew up in a very Catholic family, I have been exposed to Tarot reading and other forms of divination since childhood.  Both my mother and great-grandmother read Tarot (Spanish deck).  My mother still uses my great-grandmother's cards.  I don't understand her deck very much, as it is very different from the French spread that I've grown accustomed to.  I always found it strange that a woman who claims she's a devout Catholic would play around with things like Tarot cards.  I think there is a part of her that doesn't want to admit how much of the craft is within her family.

I bought my first Tarot deck back in high school.  I was exploring the path a little back then, but was still very nervous because of my parents.  At this point in my life, my mother would hang rosary beads or place crosses under my bed to "try to bring me back to church."  That didn't really help her cause since it just drove me farther away from the church and put a major strain on my relationship with her for a number of years.  So, I began my study of tarot with the Universal Waite deck.  I didn't take it very seriously then, but I would play with the cards and do occasional readings for myself and close friends.  However, I never made them a part of my every day life, which is what I've started to do now.

This week, I've been doing a daily draw from my deck.  I still use the Universal Waite because it's what I'm most comfortable with.  I think doing the daily draw will help bring me closer to my cards and give me a stronger understanding of their meanings.  I have my tarot journal, but I need to be better at keeping it.  My friend who started our coven actually created a great worksheet that I plan on using.  I think I'll continue the journal I have, because it's really pretty, but I'll use the set up from her worksheet.

So, this leads me to the purpose of today's blog post.  I wanted to bring in my tarot study to the blog as a part of my weekly reflections.  I think I'll close each week (Saturdays) with a reflection on my daily draws and see how they fall into my week once it's finished.  If any of you are experienced readers and would like to offer some advice/critique/help with the readings, I would greatly appreciate it.


Wendy said...

I'm looking forward to your Tarot divination for all of us. I love reading the tarot. And as far as your grandmother being Catholic and still reading the tarot, well, they say that Mary is prayed too way more than Jesus. Can't deny the Goddess, can we ; )

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