03 March, 2010

Winter Wonderland

 View from Outside my Window

Since another storm has hit the northeast, I can spend another day sitting inside watching the snowflakes.  I love snow.  I adore winter.  Everyone at work is constantly complaining about the weather and I'm the only one sitting in the teacher's lounge smiling.  Snow, for me at least, always meant sitting under a warm blanket and either reading a great book or watching re-runs of my favorite shows on TV.  Now that I'm married, it gives me the added bonus of snuggling under that warm blanket with the hubby.  I can light the fireplace and stare into the flames or I can sit on the windowseat and watch the snow fall. 

I've never really seen snow as a negative.  Even shoveling it isn't terrible.  I see it as a chance to get outside and be part of the storm, not to mention some great exercise.  All of our neighbors are outside, shoveling their driveways, we wave at one another and throw up our hands as if to say, "here we go again!"  We actually smile at the sight of our neighbors.  Some of us even help those without snowblowers.  We're nice to one another.  Snow brings us together, even if it is to shovel it away.  Then, we sit inside and make a warm meal or a warm drink and sit.  We enjoy the company of one another.  Heck, we might even break out that dusty, old Monopoly box and fight over who can and cannot be the banker.

Relax everyone.  Think of all the good things that snow brings you.  Spend time with loved ones, even if is just yourself and a furry companion.  Talk to the Lord and the Lady.  Light a candle.  Do some crafts.  Perform some spell work.  This is one that I will often use.  It is an adapted version of Ann Mouira's "Five Fold Blessing":

Blessed be my feet that bring me on my path.
Blessed be my knees that support me before the Lady and the Lord.
Blessed be my heart that holds me true to my path.
Blessed be my eyes that see the beauty of Nature.
Blessed be my mind that seeks the wisdom and knowledge of the Lord and Lady.


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